Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve seen my cousin, Dara, a lot more and even though she’s about 9 years younger than I am, our love for fashion makes us so coeval it’s unimaginable.

Like myself, Dara’s style has evolved over the years however, she seems to have found her distinctive look not to be influenced by anyone or anything. Her contemporary simplicity appears easy and comfortable enabling a sleek transition through various settings. Less will forever be more and she makes this evident by setting a plain base over which she builds her style. I better watch out for this little Diva, she just my be snatching my top spot!


Ps: It’s my birthday on Wednesday!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€



Author: Bonita Valli

Bonita Valli is a diary of my (natural) hair journey, an expression of my personal style and a journal of thoughts I'm comfortable sharing. Feel free to like, comment or share any of my posts. But if you do share, please reference this source and if you do comment, remember that kind words build up. Feel free to subscribe via email and contact me via Twitter: @Kehndae, xXx

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