The Veniviici Interview

Shopping is what I do. Be it in-store shopping, online shopping or even window shopping, I’m constantly feeding my eyes with the latest fashion developments that spring up. It’s therefore no surprise that VeniViici is the latest of my online shopping obsessions.

Going live on the 1st of October this year, provided an alternative route to international shopping realms. Based in London, England; VV interacts directly with their brands, ensuring every shopping experience is conversant of recent trends and current seasons. With the aim of delivering a service representative of quality, they are cautious of upholding brand image and authenticity.

Aderonke Adeyemi is the down-to-earth and friendly (with a hint of humour) entrepreneur behind VeniViici and having waited nine months for the birth of her online fashion baby, I deemed it necessary to hold an interview with her and see what she had to offer. Here’s how the interview went…..

What does VV represent and what is your underlying inspiration? is a UK based multi-brand apparel and accessories online store targeted at the African Market, Veniviici is a statement, an experience. It represents convenience, ease and value for money. Our aim is to create a one stop fashion platform that breaches the gap between fashion on international platforms and Africa, starting with Nigeria.

My underlying inspiration for Veniviici was driven by the ease and convenience shopping online allows for. I love clothes and there’s nothing easier than being able to sit at the comfort of your home or office and browse the plethora of fantastic clothes and trends available globally. All I had to do was click a button from wherever I was, regardless of my lifestyle, location or time constraint and shop whatever I wanted from a different country. I didn’t physically have to get on a plane or trawl busy high-streets. I just had to click, pay, receive and someone else bore the pain of ensuring my goods got to me. It was a no brainer!

Who is your target market and how would you describe the VV customer?

Our target market is extremely wide however still very focused, the typical Veniviici customer is 18-45 with an eye for awesome style and fashion. They understand that we as a brand can be trusted to deliver quality along with authenticity and integrity. The Veniviici customer is interested in current and affordable trends and pretty much likes to look good.

Online fraud is still very much at the forefront of people (especially Africans) minds. What precautions have you taken to reduce this risk? Our customers can feel safe shopping as all payments are directed to third service providers such as Google check out, PayPal and InterSwitch. All these providers are reputable companies and secure payments through SSL certification. The Veniviici site also carries the VeriSign seal, which certifies that we are who we say we are as well as a reputable organisation. The site is scanned regularly for malware. Our customer’s security while shopping on our sites is paramount to us. We are currently pursuing our own SSL certificate so that all information passed on the site is encrypted and finally we have our own in house fraud detection processes some of which include verifying large transactions and requesting ID and the payment card upon delivery. All transactions are also insured.

The style book is something unique to your website. It consists of amazing Nigerian designers (House 38, The Tobi Hannah Label and Facuade) what is the idea behind this?

The stylebook is our own version of a magazine. The plan for is that it serves as one stop fashion shop, where viewers can read up on the latest trends, get healthy shopping tips and advice, learn who the Veniviici team are. It also serves as a means of expression for fashion writers, designers and other creatives., companies can also advertise on there as we’ve had just over 10,0000 views in our first 15 days of being online. The first release is no where near where we plan to take the style book, so look out for awesome articles over the next few months.

Where do you see VV in ten years’ time, what is the ultimate dream? (Any possibilities of an own label?)

Wow! I’m going to try my best to put this in words.

In ten years we would be first a household name, an authority in the fashion industry, a clear influence in fashion terms. From a large portfolio of brands to our very own in house labels, the platform is dynamic, to catering to every one from the petite woman to the tall man.

Fashion is sexy! It is , it’s a platform everyone can identify with. In 10 years Veniviici would have dynamically expanded its platform to include TV, market places that showcases talent that lies within Africa to the rest of the globe. We have tons of exciting things lined up for Africa.

That one stop fashion shop, it is crucial to clarify that although we have created a market for Africa we really are a global business.

Our plan is really to influence the way retail is carried out in Africa, showing the customer very clearly that quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium.

Ade the CEO/MD of Veniviici

I wish Ade all the best with VeniViici.

visit VV at


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