Call To Bar

A couple of months back I headed to Ibadan, for my friend; Shope’s, call to bar. Ibadan is only the biggest city in all of West Africa and located in Oyo, it’s about two hours out of Lagos.

Upon arrival at Shope’s place, I was impressed to find that in line with the demands of a courtroom, the set-up was monochromatic themed and coupled with a three-course meal and good company we were all glad to be there celebrating with her.

Here are pictures from her classy and very chic Call To Bar Celebration…

Ps: I’m currently seated in Bogobiri, a restaurant/bar in Ikoyi and I’m so bummed I didn’t bring my SLR. This place is beautiful.

Author: Bonita Valli

Bonita Valli is my diary. It was initially an outlet for my hair journey and my personal style, but in the same way those things are evolving, so am I. So while I figure it out, I've decided to make BV a journal of my thoughts and experiences. Feel free to like, comment or share any of my posts. If you don't that's fine too. But if you DO share, please reference this source and if you DO comment, remember that kind words build up. Feel free to subscribe via email and contact me via Twitter: @Kehndae xXx

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