Shrinkage… the Struggle!

Shrinkage…. I hate shrinkage!

I’m faced with the woes of shrinkage as often as I have a wash day. I find that my hair works like a defense mechanism, as moisture touches the ‘fro, each strand retreats into a tangled mane recoiling back to the roots. I often feel estranged from my hair when this magic happens, I mean compare my shrinkage to the stretch. It’s a battle I face often enough and yet I can’t seem to combat the struggle.

Last week I decided to document the magic that occurs with every wash day. A reminder (if you like) of what I go through as often as I wash my hair….


Yes, this is my no-make-up selfie 🙂


Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome the struggle that is Shrinkage? If you do, please share as more often than not, I end up blow drying which leaves my ‘fro stripped and thirsty and so hard/dry!


Ps: I used Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to wash my hair for the first time. It was fantastic! I totally recommend it.

PPs: I’m feeling pretty good today, the intern in my office tried to guess my age and her guess was 21, LOL. Love it!!!

Author: Bonita Valli

Bonita Valli is my diary. It was initially an outlet for my hair journey and my personal style, but in the same way those things are evolving, so am I. So while I figure it out, I've decided to make BV a journal of my thoughts and experiences. Feel free to like, comment or share any of my posts. If you don't that's fine too. But if you DO share, please reference this source and if you DO comment, remember that kind words build up. Feel free to subscribe via email and contact me via Twitter: @Kehndae xXx

5 thoughts on “Shrinkage… the Struggle!”

  1. This post had me laughing, lol I know the struggle. What I do is I wash then when I apply the conditioner and twist. I usually end up with 15 twists (maybe less depending on how lazy I feel). I then rinse the conditioner out with my hair twisted.

    That way my hair stays a bit stretched and it’s detangled.

    Ps. Blow dry on cool/ warm air, not hot and blow dry til 70% dry and air dry for 30% this makes the hair not hard

  2. Yes I ALWAYS wash and deep condition my hair in sections ( 6 twists or so). And i rinse them out section by section or else they become a tangled mess and I try to avoid too much hair manipulation/combing.

    For shrinkage: Section your hair in big braids preferably as twist don’t have that stretching power as braids do. I’ll say avoid using blowdryers if you can. Just let your hair air dry in big braids OR blow dry until like 70% dry and let the res air dry.

    Another way is by banding (you can youtube that) – wrapping your sections in hair ties.

    For moisture: Have you tried using vegetable glycerin mixed with water? I say start with 4 parts water to 1 part glycerine and spritz maybe once a week in addition to your normal moisturizing regimen.

    Sorry for the long epistle…lol

    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I am definitely trying that. Had my hair out for about a month now and wash days are just effort! The epistle is totally worth it! Much appreciated

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