There’s Something About…… Gucci?

Gucci has never quite been my cup of tea but there’s something about this watch that screams class. The single gold bangle that cuffs the wrist along with the crisp white dial is a reminder of the refinement that accompanies simplicity. Like that’s not enough to draw your attention, there are the interchangeable faces that are just the right amount and just the perfect colours to go with almost anything in your wardrobe….. sigh.

I first set my eyes on this beauty about 21years ago when my mum got them however, this year, I have reserved my spot 1st in line to inherit it when my Mum has decided their time together is up. I can’t wait!


Graduation Day

It’s official, we’re unemployed!

Thursday was Taiwo and I’s graduation and as we stepped up to receive our respective handshakes from the Aston uni chancellor, we were greeted by some of the loudest cheers our family could belt out. It was the most amazing feeling ever and unarguably the best day of my life thus far.

Here are pictures of the special day. Notice my spider brooch cleverly holding my hood down…. genius! Lol!

Whilst Gbonju (peach and blue), Laitan (green and white) and Mummy opted for this season’s colour blocking, Wura decided to go for what I’d describe as a nude wash…. Don’t they look stunning!

Special shout out to the family… No one wore black!!!!! LOVE it!


Ps: Taiwo and I were obliged to wear black and white. It was not a thing of choice.

PPs: For those of you that don’t know, Taiwo’s my twin sister.

Bicester Village


Last Saturday afternoon was in very high demand of retail therapy and consequently, myself, Taiwo, Gbonju, Laitan (my sisters); AYK, (Gbonju’s friend), Hazel (Laitan’s friend) and ‘Nina (Hazel’s baby) found ourselves at Bicester Village. Boy was that a long sentence!

We were all there for very different reasons, yet the same purpose: a bargain! However, I tend to be really picky and well… useless when it comes to shoe shopping and as a result, I left with nothing 😦 Nonetheless, here are our shopping pictures

Taiwo and I

AYK and Gbonju

Hazel and Laitan








Picture Perfect

Upon receiving my second graduation present I was nothing short of elated. It’s ridiculous, I have wanted an SLR camera forever and I’m ecstatic to have finally received one… Whoop! Whoop!

Being the fashion junkie I am perceived to be, the expectation was that I’d have asked for a designer bag or shoes, however I have never envisioned my first YSL ‘Chyc’ or Victoria Beckham two-tone to be in the form of a present….! God no! I’d prefer my first label to be something I’ve worked for, something I’ve earned, something I’ve paid for myself and for this reason I have decided to dedicate my second ever pay cheque to just that (every Nigerian knows your first pay cheque goes to your family).

Anyway, here is a picture of me taken by my baby ‘Niky’ (Niky is my camera not a real baby). I’m sure you’ll agree that this is where beauty meets the beast! Love it!


Ps Still getting used to the camera so forgive me if the picture is a little amateur.

Uniqlo Save Japan Tees

Uniqlo and the Condé Nast Group came together to create a limited edition collection of ‘Save Japan’ T-shirts. These T-shirts are in aid of the parts of the country that were affected by the earthquake and the whole idea is for the profits to be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Being the Uniqlo fan that she is, on hearing about these charity Tees, Taiwo (TaDeRa, @SportMillionsMe) bought two: Charlize Theron and Alber Elbaz and I got one: Nicole Kidman. Here are the pictures from our Saturday afternoon photo shoot.

Back of Taiwo’s Tee signed by Charlize Theron.

Back of my Tee signed by Nicole Kidman

Taiwo’s: Charlize Theron: It Is In The Most Difficult Moments That We Can Show Our Bravest Self.

Mine: Nicole Kidman: Support Japan. Give A Hand to Japan.

Taiwo’s: Alber Elbaz: With All My Heart To Japan


Ps: Those that know me will be surprised I didn’t get the Victoria Beckham one. I guess it was too simple for me, and yes I know ‘simplicity is the ultimate elegance’ but there’s no harm in change. Besides, who says I’m not still going to buy it 😉

Pps: You’ll notice our graduation tickets are tucked in between some of the pictures. I’m uber excited. Still trying to sort out my outfit so until then….

Padlock Posing

Yesterday’s weather was simply glorious!!!! Those of us in Birmingham experienced highs of 28°C or thereabouts, and taking into account the usual British weather, this was nothing short of rare.

On our way back from Church, we ran into a massive padlock outside BMW which Sumbo and I insisted on posing with it. Here are pictures from our Padlock Posing…..


Tube Top: Warehouse

Maxi Skirt: Tailor Made

Bag: Zara Woman

Sandals: TopShop

Necklace: Eden Accessories (Customised)

Sunglasses: Stella McCartney

Bracelet: Primark


Skirt: Zara

Blouse: Asos (Used to be a dress which I then turned into a blouse when my hips got too big 😦 )

Sandals: Accessorize

Bag: Zara Woman

Belt: Topshop

Scarf (barely seen): Tie Rack

Sunglasses: D&G

Wrist Adornments: Refer to ‘Wrist Candy’ blog

Fishtail Braid!!!!! 🙂


High Street Update

You must have heard about the Lanvin for H&M, Jimmy Choo for H&M, Stella McCartney for H&M, you know the drill…… Well H&M have done it again and this time it’s with Versace. Now all of this has come as a bit of a shock considering that previously, Versace stated that collaborating with a high street store would confuse the brand. However, according to Vogue, it appears Donatella has had a change of heart and decided to release what she describes as a ‘quintessential Versace’ range.

The latest of H&M’s collaborations will be released on the 17th of November this year with studded leather, colourful prints and sharp tailoring dominating the collection along with a home ware range. If the success of previous collaborations are anything to go by, we can be sure that this collection will be flying off the shelves in no time.