MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week II

I love Grey. All three designers stole my heart last year at this very event. The perfection of their woven pieces was a clear winner encompassing clean structures and femininity. This year however, I must say I was a little let down. Individually, each piece was spectacular as usual, but as a collection I found it less cohesive. I’m no designer and neither am I a stylist so perhaps I’m way out of my bounds, but I felt that although the mens collection was stronger, the ladies collection just needed a bit more of a link, be it with the sheer fabrics, with the meticulous cuts or even with the colour scheme. Below are pictures from their S/S 2013 collection followed by more pictures backstage.

Temi Doll Face closing for Grey

Omer Asim

Bridget Awosika. Flawless pieces as usual.



Ps: Still got even more pictures. Not sure if I can be bothered to upload them now though.

MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012

MTN Lagos Fashion and Design week revisited Eko Hotel this year and I was pleasantly surprised to be invited back. I assumed the same responsibility I held last year (read here) which as you know gives me a chance to get all the backstage action notwithstanding, I have the opportunity to watch the final pieces on the runway.

This year, I was blessed to have a guy called Brian offer to assist me in taking pictures and upon receiving my camera back at the end of the night I was astonished by the impressive job he’d done. Below are pictures from Mi-Le one of my favourite young designers. Her collection comprised of pastel colours and flirty flows, very much to my delight. Below are also some pictures from backstage. Hope you like….


PS: More pictures to come in the following posts.

Be Grey

A couple of months ago, I visited Grey for the first time ever! Contrary to my wild and extravagant expectations, the store was small and minimal, giving it that expensive feel of a hidden treasure. Hanging against the crisp white wall was a long rack of a bursting collection that I’d hope to be featured in my wardrobe one glorious day. From printed patterns to woven fabrics it was obvious that each piece was well thought out and delicately constructed.

As I waltzed in, excited to have finally made it to the store, I was surprised to be welcomed by two of the three designers, Rukky and Tola. They talked me through all their different pieces and a few ideas and as expected I “oohh-ed” and “ahh-ed” as I finally got the chance to appreciate these pieces up close.

Their entire range consists of the essential C’s: Corporate, Casual and Cocktail or as I’d like to call them, the 3 C’s! With this strategy, you’re sure to be prepared for every occasion at the drop of a hat! The variety of colours and  variation in fabrics was a long way from the blandness that the name ‘Grey’ suggests and more so that before, I can honestly say that Grey is most definitely one of my favourite brands in Nigeria, I just hope to see a little more of an African touch in their breath-taking designs.  


Flat 1,

Block 25

Shomolu way,

Dolphin Estate,




Ps: I’m loving the Olympics. Shame about Nigeria though, I wish we’d at least get a bronze!!!!

Summer Candies

DOT is a quirky accessories brand relaying its love of fashion with a hint of African heritage. With a distinct aesthetic and unconventional use of materials, DOT is fearless and individualistic, expressing the art of craftsmanship in each bag she constructs.

Dorothy Ughenu is the mastermind behind DOT. Her vision was first brought to reality in 2010 however today, under the label are several sister labels including DOT PRIVÉ, DOT HERITAGE and DOT DOT.

Dot is the eponymous line of handmade leather accessories

The high-end priced luxury line and features limited-edition and one-off accessories.

DOT HERITAGE is Afri-politan; African in origin and Cosmopolitan in perspective. Heritage is inspired by the tribes and people of Africa with distinctive DOT DNA that is fun, quirky and fearless. Dot Heritage re-imagines Africa in the new world.

Dot Dot is the young and edgy diffusion line of Dot.

DOT debuted at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week in October 2011 and has since become a cult favorite amongst fashionistas. This collection “Summer Candies” is an expansive continuation of the first collection “Geo”, inspired by geometric shapes and lines. The “summer candies” 2012 lookbook was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.


























Photo Credit
Creative Director, Dot – Dorothy Ughenu
Contact Details:
Styling and style direction: Bidemi Zakariyau (Le Style Fusion)
Photography: Echi Illustrations
Dress: Meena
Model: Whitney Umeh
Make up: Chi Chi of Faceville
Location: The Clauds, Lekki
Follow Dot on twitter: @dotfashions
For sales or any other enquires please contact Dorothy on 07087721482/08182446507

PS: I had unlimited tech issues uploading this blog…. So glad it’s finally up. I love DOT!!!!

‘Zibah Couture

It’s no surprise that I’m always on the hunt for new Nigerian labels. I just can’t understand why Nigerians find it so hard to support our economy and shop Nigerian. Having said that, with the excessive rent, demanding tailors and ridiculous expectations, Nigerian brands tend to be overpriced taking us back to square one, shopping abroad. At the end of the day let’s face it, if the H&M’s and Primarks of this world are cheaper and execute a cleaner finish, why would anyone shop Nigerian? Well, I guess we’ll have to weather the storm if ever we’re going to see the rainbow and for this reason, I will support Nigerian fashion as far as my wallet will stretch me.

My latest Nigerian discovery is called ‘Zibah Couture. ‘Zibah Couture is a friend of mine, Andie and her brother, Charles’, label and it’s the diffusion line from their Mum’s label, Hephzibah Couture. I was invited for their launch in May and got the chance to examine creativity from a fresh point of view. To sum it all up in a simple paragraph, I’d describe ‘Zibah Couture as a subtle twang on early Versace with an appreciation of African print.

Below are a few pictures I took at ‘Zibah Couture hope you like….


Ps: I know, I know… I’m a slacker *sigh*

Funlayo Deri: Into The Contrast

Funlayo Deri’s ‘into the contrast’ is unquestionably one of my favourite collections this season. My preppy state of mind is very much aligned with her well constructed structures and the dream-like flows in a number of her modishly beautiful pieces hint at a level of grace I’ve only ever dreamed of. Each strip of material is delicately assembled in line with the art of architecture. Here’s the press release on the wisely themed ‘into the contrast’:

“Inspiration for the Funlayo Deri Spring/Summer 2012 collection comes from contemporary architectural structures. Elements of rigid, edgy structures were combined, then transformed to softer, fluid lines and placed in ways which complement the female form. The juxtaposition of different silhouettes, structures, fabrics and textures was used to enhance the clarity of each design.”

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection:

For more information see:


Twitter: @FunlayoDeri



Ps: This was sent to me ages ago, however my lack of organisation has been an obstacle in my progress. I shall address that promply.