Under the Rock

Note these 2 things about me:

1. I get easily (and quickly) excited. It’s usually about the smaller things… gestures, gifts, little wins….

2. I can sleep through just about anything (I think it’s a gift), but the night before I headed to Abeokuta, my excitement kept me up! Yeah, I was surprised too

I’ve lived in Lagos for the better part of my adult life and never once considered experiencing Nigeria’s own tourist attractions. So my friends and I decided that instead of sitting on a flight to the ends of the earth, we’d do what we could about experiencing the local terrain.

Abeokuta was the first adventure (only took an hour and a bit to get there) and even though only 3/5 of us made it, we had fun! Our first stop was the Obasanjo Library. Although the staff tried to kill my spirit (we weren’t allowed to take pictures unless we were using their photographer ūüôĄ), I learnt a lot about who is arguably the best President we’ve ever had.

The Olumo Rock (Under the Rock) was definitely my highlight. We got a bit of the history in word and song (I love varied expressions) and it pushed us physically (some of us anyway… I climbed the stairs. Wasn’t about to risk my pride climbing mountains). Let’s not get into the peace that comes with sitting on Ori Oke (top of the mountain). It’s very easy to have a one on one with God there.

Before we get into the pictures, here is a list of simple tips/things to pack when going on such trips in no particular order:

  • Wear light, comfortable clothing and trainers. Sandals or slippers are a NO from me
  • Stay hydrated with water and pack light snacks
  • Take your camera. Don’t be too fussed about how you look, it really doesn’t matter. You will re live certain moments through your pictures
  • Go in a group. I went with TVP Adventures and they made it so much fun… so easy. We played games on the bus, they had a photographer, they provided drinks and snacks, face towels, etc.
  • Don’t forget your power bank
  • Sunglasses and SPF are a MUST because the sun is intense
  • Put on your FitBit/Apple Watch/ whatever step/fitness tracking device you have. You’ll amaze yourself. I’d hit 10k steps before I even got to Olumo Rock!
  • Ladies, don’t bother with makeup. Trust me on this one
  • Pack baby wipes and a face towel
  • Go with an open mind. Don’t take yourself too seriously

See Nigeria through my shades….


TVP group


Obasanjo’s Library

OOPL Photos (19)

I was the President for all of 30 seconds


On our way up the Olumo Rock


Quick break for a story




Play the song

Any ideas of where my next adventure should be?


Ps: I lost a friend of mine recently. She was my age. How does that happen??

Inspiration: #SupportDolapo

Friday, February 12, 2016 was the beginning of a miracle. Dolapo Igboin set up a “Go Fund Me” page detailing her ¬†financial struggles and her dreams of¬†a career in Acute/Emergency Medicine.¬†Her page recognized¬†the magnitude of her request for ¬£25,000 to complete her final year of Med School and even described¬†the thought of raising the funds as¬†‘impossible’. Acknowledging that the odds were against her, she set up the page as a cling to her last source of hope.

Before now, I never really paid much attention to such¬†pleas…. I couldn’t relate. I didn’t know those people. But this time, was different…. this time, it¬†was happening to me. This time, it was happening to all of us (Nigerians) bearing the brunt of FX scarcity or dwindling oil prices.¬†This time, Dolapo’s story hit me like a ton of bricks and like everyone else¬†I began to tell anyone that would listen to join me in helping her.

This post is not¬†about how much each person contributed, it’s not even about Dolapo raising over the¬†¬£25,000 . It’s about the overwhelming sense of oneness which everyone showed. It’s¬†for¬†the relentless encouragement and the selfless rallying. It’s because¬†little drops of water really do make the mighty ocean!

Dolly bay-bay, we are all your family now! Your struggle, is our struggle. God has never disappointed and you are a living testimony that he never will. Congratulations in advance for making it to your final year. Make us all proud!!!

Support Dolapo



Ps: Dolapo is the only one that calls me Ken

PPs:¬†Bon Bon, I stole your screenshot ūüėÄ




On April 14, 2014 over 200 school girls were abducted from their boarding school in Chibok, Borno State (Nigeria). Abubakar Shekau the leader of the terrorist group- Boko Haram- believes that “God asked him to sell them”.

It’s been about three¬†weeks since and although some managed to escape, there are still helpless teenage girls out there in need of our prayers¬†with¬†8 more girls having been abducted today.

Please pray for these girls. Please pray for their families. Please pray for Nigeria.

#BringBackOurGirls #BringOurGirlsBack


Ps: I prefer the hash tag  #BringOurGirlsBack I think it makes more sense, no?

Big LA

In a bid to make Taiwo jealous, I invited Laolu (her best friend) for lunch with me today. You see, Taiwo and I work in the same building, but she got the whole week off and has been rubbing it in my face all day. Pictures speak a thousand words and so as Laolu wolfed down his TFC fried rice, I snuck in a picture and immediately whatsapped it to her. My plan worked. She was jealous. Please see below:


Laolu is easily one of our best¬†dressed male friends- and he probably knows it (LOL)! I dug up pictures I took of him over Christmas and decided to share what an ‘Oh-so-Dapper’ Friday look should resemble. Gentlemen… please take note!

1. The usual khaki Friday trousers are a staple in every man’s wardrobe.¬†Nothing else screams “Business Casual”.

2. A plain blue (or pale pink) shirt sings untold harmonies when paired with khaki. No pinstripes or checked shirts required, just plain vanilla.

3. A pocket square is always a winner be it a formal¬†or casual look. If it matches your shirt/tie, you’re definitely winning!

4. Laolu has on a simple pair of plimsoles. I never would have thought it, but they work!

5. An expensive watch/belt/Man Bag will always sail you through to top points!!!¬†I like¬†anything but Hermes! That massive ‘H’ drives me insane, however,¬†I do appreciate that it’s top quality so I can’t knock anyone down for it.

Below are the pictures of Big LA I dug up from Christmas…







Ps: Note to Taiwo: Revenge is a dish best served cold, enjoy! Muhahaha

Pps: Ladies, Laolu is taken, you can stop drooling now *giggles*

Ppps: It was Laitan’s tradition wedding over the weekend. She looked beautiful. Can’t wait for the pictures to come out!

It’s Official… I am a Published Writer. Lol!

It’s official, I have been published. Let’s hope this is the start of a flourishing career in the much pursued fashion journalism.


Newspaper/Magazine/Publisher: The Guardian Life Magazine

Spread: Half a page (the next one shall be a full page)

Location: Middle Page


Ps: As spotted in the picture above, I made the Front Page too. Whoop!

Passion for Posen

It’s Valentine’s day and I haven’t even wished my readers a Happy New Year. It wasn’t until the day before yesterday when Taiwo whatsapped me saying (and I quote) “You haven’t blogged since xmas day. Shame on you!” that it dawned on me…. Not only have I begun my 2013 right in the heart of indolence, but I have also dived right into the pit of underperformance. On that note, Happy New Year ever-faithful readers!!!! And a Happy Valentine’s day too! May this year eradicate sloth and banish underperformance. On the contrary, may it be filled with rainbows, butterflies and the optimism they pose.

Now kick-starting 2013…..

It’s Valentine’s day and for the first time in about 3/4years I am single. That’s okay though because this year, I’m lusting over something magical; right out of this world (in my humble opinion anyway). It’s Zac Posen’s pre-fall 2013 collection. I discovered an item from the collection on instagram (you can follow me/Taiwo if you want @Tadera) and I have fallen head over heels; heart over head (I just made that up! lol). Consequently, I have decided to share my love of the moment with you. Hope you appreciate the structured art and dramatic elegance accompanied in each piece….







ZP 15


Photo credit: various google sources


Ps: There have been Fashion Nights Out for so many weeks now! My weekends are officially dedicated to Whitespace. Hope to see you there every weekend till it’s over!

Keeping Up Appearances

As you can probably tell from the visual appearance of my blog, I’m not in the least bit a techie. I do all the basic requirements my blog demands and I hope the content will sell. However, there are a million and one things wrong with this:

1. My main stream module was in marketing so I know that the packaging DOES sell and people DO judge a book by it’s cover.

2. (WARNING: I’m about to stereotype) Nigerians do NOT read. Heck, black people in general do not read. (Side Note: My friend Fifi is going to kill me for using the description ‘black people’, people shouldn’t be classified according to the colour of their skin!!! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a term that encompasses African Americans, Africans and Caribbeans. But that’s a postfor another blog)

3. I have had the same theme for a year and five months now. Can you say BORING?

On that note, I have decided to work on a new ambiance for Bonita Valli. I will do as much research as I can in the mean time and then BOOM! I will revamp her look and reignite the flame this fashion goddess has been stripped of. Wish me luck as I venture out into the unknown territory that is the internet.xXx

Ps: Did anyone ever watch Keeping Up Appearances? I loved that show!!! I miss Mrs Bucket! Lol

PPs: I’m addicted to Pinterest!