5 Blogs 5 Days: Good Hair

Greetings ever faithful readers/subscribers…. you truly are my sunshine on a cloudy day. Please forgive my disappearing act, it is far from my intention to desert you as a result of my time mismanagement or straight-up laziness.

In a bid to ditch my slothful ways, I have taken on a self-inflicted challenge and I really do hope to get engrossed in it. This week, I have decided to let you in 5 of my favourite blogs/bloggers; and what it is about their blogs that really captivates me. I will try my utmost to keep the list versatile with each blog distinct from the previous and yet focused on the usual: Style, Fashion, Beauty and Hair.

Good Hair: Curly Nikki

I need not emphasize that I went natural a little over a year ago and so natural hair blogs have pretty much been my hair bible and motivation. Needless to say, kicking off my 5 in 5, is Curly Nikki and the below listed are reasons why….

1. First and foremost, what I like about this blog is the general aesthetic and structured organisation. The padded walls (although red) are not distracting neither are they overpowering; on the contrary I find them quite relaxing, balanced and focused in line with CN’s mission to promote self-esteem.

It’s so easy to navigate through the different pages of the CN blog. Every tab is subdivided into different pages addressing different topics. My favourite to date although, has got to be the Recipes Page under Basics. I love trying new hair recipes and this page is definitely my ‘Go-To’ page for yummy natural hair recipes.

2. The CN blog covers everything from transitioning to children’s hair. There’s no question I’ve thought to ask, that hasn’t already been addressed and in addition to that, did I mention that there’s a forum.

3. The blog has a dictionary (Hallelujah!). When I first got the Big Chop, I was totally clueless about what ‘sealing’, ‘3abc/4a/4b/4c’ hair types and twist outs. Thankfully, there was a dictionary I could reference.

You don’t need to be natural to visit Curly Nikki, you just need to want to look after your hair delivering healthy and beautiful results.


Ps:I’m back! 🙂

African Queen

It’s been a year since the Big Chop and I must admit the road to becoming the ultimate “African Queen” has been paved with tempting Chemical Crack and damaging heat applicators. All the same, I have remained ever faithful to my afro dream.

Below are pictures of Teyona Parris and Janelle Monae my latest hair inspirations. I’ve also snuck in pictures of my ‘fro a year on. Hope you like…..







Ps: I am the definition of moody right now! Anyone that steps on my toes WILL get it!

And the Journey Continues….

Stats Since my afro inception:

1. Number of months since my last relaxer: 12

2. Number of months since the BC: 4

3. Number of times I’ve been tempted to relax: 2

4. Number of times I’ve been embarrassed concerning my hair: 1

5. Average length in inches: Approx. 4.5

6. Broken combs: 0

7. Fights with my Dad concerning my hair: 1



Ps: I braved the ‘fro to work with a hint of red lipstick, a crisp white shirt and a black power suit. I got a few compliments which totally made my week. Wish I’d taken pictures now……

PPs: I’ve had the best weekend ever with amazing friends and loving family, I couldn’t ask for more 🙂



The Big Chop: Ours By Juliada

Over the Easter break, I unraveled my unsightly month old twists and decided I’d give my ‘fro a break. It’s been tied up constantly since I arrived in Lagos last August and I figured it was time to give it a bit of a rest.

I usually co-wash my hair as I hear it’s good for afros, but it’s been so long since I gave it what I’d deem a good wash and so I purchased Organic Shampoo from Ours By Juliada. Not only is this shampoo 100% natural (just like my hair) but it lacks sulphate which is considered harsh for the hair and said to cause skin irritation. Ours By Juliada’s Organic shampoo although really liquidy and apparently light, lathered very well and left my hair without a trace of dandruff which was excellent. Now the packaging was not quite my viewing pleasure, I’m sure you’ll agree, but the product itself was definitely a winner and I just might be purchasing it again.

In the mean time here’s a lame attempt at a Mohawk with my 4 inch (or less) afro, in phase two of my natural journey. In case you’re wondering, phase one was the transition, lol.

Don’t take my silly poses seriously. I mess around a lot.


Ps: I’ve got Neriah Naturals Deep Conditioner and Ours by Juliada Shampoo next up to find another brand for hairspray. And they say you can’t get any products in Nigeria! HA!

Neriah Naturals

It’s official. I’m natural.

You may remember from my last post that I met Dami, the founder of Neriah Naturals. We had a little chat (well, more like a consultation) on my hair transition process and she was excitingly informative and impressively self-educated on afro hair care (be it natural or relaxed).

Last weekend, I picked up my Neriah Natural Deep Conditioning order and at about 1:00am the following morning I had my hair all buttered from the roots to the tips. For the first time in 7months I could comb my hair right through with ease and smoothness. It was certified, I was sold. My thick, full, afro hair often requires a dose of composure and a whole lot of patience so quite frankly, this was an unknown luxury.

Around 6:00am that morning the hairdresser came over to braid my hair and before she’d even begun, I braved the Big Chop! I just didn’t see the point of having these straight edges on my curly base. They looked unhealthy and weak as they hung limp off the edges of my afro crown.

I’ve refused to put pictures of my new look up simply because the pictures are of terrible quality and at 6:00am in the morning it’s safe to say no one (especially not me) looks particularly flattering. So until next time, here are pictures of my Neriah Natural product and me whilst deep conditioning…. Lol

Want to learn more about Neriah Naturals or african hair care in general, visit: http://www.blackbeautyfanatic.com/


Ps: I’m considering going to the beach, yay? nay? who knows…

African Crown

It’s amazing how often we (black) girls transform our looks. Today you could have a long, Brazilian wavy weave; tomorrow, box braids and the day after a full grown afro. You may remember from my post, The Come Back: Old School, that I Co Washed my hair for the first time. This was the first stage of my transition, seeing as I’ve decided to go Natural, without braving the Big Chop (BC).

As I go through my journey of African hair discovery, I’ve decided to keep you all updated and let you know how I manage my thick, full, hard, jet black, afro hair. It will be tough, it will be a challenge, it will drive me crazy, but I’m determined to go natural regardless. The ‘fro may last a month, it may last a year, or I may keep it for my lifetime I haven’t quite decided yet. Regardless I’ve decided to embrace my African side, the ‘fro, the gap and what else it may throw my way. Here are pictures 6months into my transition……


Ps: I just realised I haven’t blogged about NYSC camp! Need to rectify that as soon as I can.

Pps: Sinmi from House 38 is making me a conditioner which I’m uber excited about 😀 In the mean time check out her blog here: http://willwearthis.com/