Spanish or Italian… it’s still Vogue

As you already know, I spent last weekend in Costa Brava and upon departure, I decided it would only make sense to buy a fashion magazine.

I decided on the typical Vogue however, upon arrival at the stand, I was torn between the Spanish and Italian versions. I must admit, such trivial issues form the basis of my daily dilemmas and for this reason I have been tagged ‘melodramatic’…. Lol.

Once I was sure I’d invested too much thought in this predicament, I was convinced (by Teju and Tele) to purchase the more stylish, more chic, Italian Vogue. Here are pictures of a few of the pages I’ve spent my time drooling over….

Front Cover(s)

These Chanel pieces are ingenious. I love accessories and these totally do it for me, not to mention the rich material.

Chanel is so elegant it’s ridiculous!

My style has always been somewhat preppy and I could totally see myself in this Antonio Croce outfit.

The ‘Valli’ in ‘Bonita Valli’ is no coincidence. It’s from the Italian label ‘Giambattista Valli’ and I’m sure you can agree that the craftsmanship of this label is insanely clever…. I’m obsessed!

Until next time…