Arise: The Show

Duaba Serwa was the first collection to arrest my full attention. The coke-bottle silhouettes coupled with mid-length hemlines were reminiscent of none other than Victoria Beckham. A number of dresses also incorporated beading which I’ll forever be a fan of, however I failed to find consistency in the entire collection with the palette somewhat inconsistent and the varying styles unable to draw a common inspiration.

Regardless, I was definitely a fan, with the monochromatic backless figures scoring top marks.

As I stated in my previous post, the Okunoren twins remain my favourite simply because of the ambiance experienced at the show. Their opening scene featured two women with bowls of what I’d assume were fruits, however upon discussion with my Mum; she said it’d have been wiser for the ladies to come out with bananas and beans as those are representative of twins in Yoruba land. Genius I hear you say, I must agree.

Finally, Jewel by Lisa always gets me. So far, I have failed to criticise anything she does. Not only because I think she’s pure genius, but simply because I’m biased. Her latest collection comprises of a touch of leather adding a bit of an edge to her feminine track record.

Hope you like the pictures, I tried my best!

Sommy, Oby and Rachel. Thank God I found them, otherwise I’d have had absolutely no one!

Valerie, Sommy, Xerona and a friend

Damola in House 38


Ps: Finally took a picture of my ‘fro!!! Shall upload it soon 🙂


Last week Saturday brought a fresh bout of depression on my weekend. I’d mapped out a two-day strategy involving taking charge of the fashion empire and maybe even conquering the world, yet somehow, favour appeared to have ditched my right hand side and friendship no longer felt like a cushion.

Arise Fashion week was in Lagos and I missed the entirety of its Saturday show thanks to a few hiccups coupled with the manic traffic that constantly engulfs Lagos.

Sunday night had to be different! I attended the finale ALONE and encapsulated each awaking moment in the joy of my own company. In all honesty, the Sunday night show fell short of my tall expectations with the Okunoren twins being my personal highlight. However, my judgement might have been slightly flawed seeing as I missed the beginning and missed out on the end too.

Nonetheless, as my Dad’s driver pulled up outside the front door with me in the passenger’s seat, a glimmer of satisfaction washed over my face. I was pleased just to have made it to the show. I always like to form my own opinion on certain situations.

Below are pictures of what I wore. Pictures of the show coming soon…..  

Blazer: Zara

Blouse: H&M

Skirt: House 38

Necklace: H&M

Bracelets: Toshade

Rings: Topshop (one is Taiwo’s)

Bag: Zara (Costa Brava) 

Pumps: Vivienne Westwood (my 1st post ever )


Ps: Pictures of the actual shows coming up soon.

PPs: House 38 had a photoshoot yday so look out for behind the scenes shots!

PPPs: I shot a video with Oh TV saying who I was wearing 😀 dunno if that’s up yet :s