5 Blogs 5 Days: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I’ve never been good with makeup which is ironic really, seeing as I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of an artist. No matter how hard I try, my face is the one canvas I haven’t quite mastered. Perhaps it’s because I don’t use foundation so I never achieve that flawless base. Maybe it’s because I’m no good with mascara so I never accomplish the piercing eyes… Who knows, maybe makeup is just not my thing. Regardless, I happen to love The Beauty Department below are 3 reasons why:

1. The Beauty Department encompasses all the different aspects of beauty: makeup, hair, nails (my favourite) name it…. It’s all there. Believe it or not, this blog also considers your diet as I recently noticed a post on healthy food. I guess this goes to show that beauty is not just what you slap on the outside… You’ve got to take care of your insides too.

2. The DIY approach the bloggers use which takes you through the different stages of achieving the great results is fantastic. Moreover, the site not only breaks down the steps one by one, but it provides visual backings so that you can see the progress as you pursue your desired results.

3. TBD notices the little things which are likely to grind your gears as you apply makeup. The annoying gap that appears when eyeliner is applied but fails to touch the eye waterline, the difference you achieve in using a primer as opposed to straight makeup, etc. they pay attention to detail which the average girl tends to neglect.

For these reasons amongst many others I ❤ TBD, nevertheless Inspite of everything ever written on beauty, it’s important to know that beauty is only skin deep. An ugly personality will never be masked by layers of beauty products.



Ps: I tried black up foundation a couple of weeks ago. I looked pale/ashy.

Lip Exfoliation

You may remember about 2 blogs or so ago that I mentioned having started a routine of lip exfoliation. Well as promised, here is how I came about it, what I do and how I do it!

Ever so often, when my outfit/mood needs a bit of a(n) edge/boost, I smack on some daring red lipstick (Mac’s Ruby Woo or MUA lipstick shade 1; the irony lies in the pricing) which instantly serves as a fixer. However I have come to realise that chapped/dry lips underneath this alarmingly loud hue, results in a counter act, thereby deminishing the value of my outcome.

Well, every problem has a solution and below is a treatment my sister Wura once talked me through:

Step 1: Crush a couple of cubes of sugar in a bowl, the bigger the granules the better;


Step 2: Mix in some honey until you’re left with a gritty paste. I don’t use any particular proportions, I judge based on what looks equivalent to the sugar;



Step 3: Apply to the entire lip area in a circular motion until dead skin peels off;

Step 4: Rinse off with warm water (alternatively, just lick it off) and apply some Vaseline lip therapy (my latest obsession is the Pink Bubbly, thanks Gbonju).

Voila! DIY Lip Exfoliation in 4 easy steps! I guess I can brave the red lippie once again.

If you fancy going wild, apply food colouring to the mixture and dance around as you exfoliate. I also read that you can apply oil to the mixture for moisturising as you exfoliate, but I’m yet to try that out. In case you were wondering what oil to use, I suggest coconut oil!

Merry Christmas everyone *kisses*

Ps: Did you notice the Christmassy background? Thanks Taiwo, my trusty techie!

The Holy Grail

Coconut oil is one of those discoveries that have you feeling like you just won a million bucks!!! It’s one of those findings that have you wondering how ever you lived without it!!! It’s the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!!!! It’s the icing on the cake of natural beauty, and what one of my newly discovered blogs refers to as the Holy Grail!!!

In the second of my series in organic treasures, I bring you the renowned Coconut oil! Following the structure of the first in the series: Women’s Gold, I’m going to take you through my top uses and benefits of Coconut Oil and they are as follows:

1. Skin Care: Coconut oil’s rich consistency provides instant moisture to all skin types leaving the skin noticeably softer and better moisturized.

2. Hair Care: Coconut oil serves as anything from a hot oil treatment, to a deep conditioner, and everything in between… it does it all really, reducing protein loss and aiding growth in damaged hair.

3. Make Up remover: I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always had a problem with getting make up removers in Nigeria. Fortunately, coconut oil wipes even waterproof mascara right off.

Go on, try it and see for yourself.


Ps: If you have any problems getting your hands on coconut oil, just let me know and I’ll recommend places!

Pps: I’m watching Meet Joe Black for the umpteenth time and falling in love with the script all over again…. I love you Brad Pitt *sigh*


It’s no secret that my knowledge on makeup is in the negatives and so when Elaine first told me about the beauty company she founded, ShoMya, I was nothing short of interested. Judging from the flawless makeup she had on that day, I knew I had to get to one of her sessions.

Three months on and I found myself seated in one of her classes, gaining first class tips on the do’s and don’ts of make-up. We were talked through everything from basic eyebrow shaping to the more complex art of contouring. Elaine even displayed the effortless transition from daytime chic to night time goddess awing us all with the beautiful transformation.

The session was very much interactive giving us the opportunity to ask every and anything and I’m sure everyone agrees that by the end of the session we left feeling like we got much more than our money’s worth. Here’s what she shared with me:

1.) Tell us a bit about ShoMya and what it represents.

ShoMya is an international, beauty and cosmetics company that offers professional makeup services to a diverse client base.

Our services cut across different sectors including Beauty, Fashion, TV, Weddings and other special events. We also offer a makeup-shopping service which means we will go to shopping for all your makeup products while you relax at home OR we will go with you and ensure that only the makeup best suited for you is purchased.

Our work has been featured in prominent International magazines such as PRIDE, BLACKHAIR, FAB, and ESSENCE Magazine amongst several others.

At ShoMya, we appreciate that every woman is unique, with distinctive makeup preferences. We don’t believe that one size fits all and so we strive to meet the individual needs of each client.

2.) How would you describe your signature look?

My own signature look will be well-defined eyes paired with nude lips or a red pout! I love my black eyeliner and always draw my liner very close to my lash line and water line. Typically, I’ll keep my lips nude but I’m quickly developing this love for very deep red lips.

When I work on other people, you can tell they’ve had the ShoMya experience from their contoured cheekbones and popping eyes. I think that’s our signature look.

3.) What is it about make up that you find so empowering?

Everything! Have you ever noticed the difference in a woman’s behaviour with and without her makeup on? With makeup, we feel beautiful on the outside and that quickly impacts on how we carry ourselves! It’s similar to the difference in a woman walking in flat shoes and a woman walking in heels – One stands tall above the other.

I love to see women walk with confidence, not arrogance. And if makeup helps you forget about all your physical imperfections for just a period of time, then slap it on I say…

4.) If you had to pick the ultimate makeup essential, what would it be?

One??? I have to pick one? I’ll say foundation then. If your skin looks clear, you can surely get by without everything else. Look at it this way, if you walk around with an amazing smoky eye but your skin looks bad, you still won’t feel fabulous! But if your skin looks great and you pop on a hot pair of shades to hide the fact that you have no eye makeup on, you’ll feel like a diva!

5.) Chalk and cheese are about as far apart as……. (two makeup items that shouldn’t be mixed)

Hmm, that’s a tricky one. It’s not 2 makeup items but please don’t let your lips mix with BLACK liner unless you’re on some creative photo shoot. Outlining your lips with black pencil on any ‘normal’ day is NOT okay!

Below are pictures from the ShoMya makeup class on Sunday

Thanks a lot for your time Elaine, and all the best with ShoMya.
For more details, visit the ShoMya website: http://www.shomya.com/


Ps: The pictures marked with Bonita Valli are obviously mine, but Elaine was kind enough to send me some more for the blog.