Remember my post The Spider King’s Daughter? Well, lo and behold, I spotted the object of my desire at Terra Kulture last Tuesday and just HAD to buy. I was going to give her a Nigerian name seeing as she’s the Nigerian interpretation of the Pandora, but Taiwo classed that too cliche and so we went with Eugene. Uncommon yet precious.

No. She’s no Charlotte Olympia, but she sure as hell will do! Hope you like as much as I do.




Ps: Eugene comes with two ankara purses AND a chain strap. Can you say BARGAIN?

PPs: Does anyone know the designer?

PPs: Have you spotted my shellac nails? I’m thinking I should do a post on them.

The Spider King’s Daughter

Perhaps my chosen title is a tad misleading, who knows? Nevertheless, permit me to make as vague an interpretation as I can, linking the Number one object of my desire, the Pandora and the title which I have stolen from my friend, Chibundu’s book: The Spider King’s Daughter.

If you know anything at all about The Spider King’s Daughter, you will understand as I explain that just like Abike, the Pandora is a precious possession confined by lonely high walls. Her delicate being is entrapped in safety of a protective fortress, however with secrets untold and a life yet to be uncovered, the Pandora bears all the hints of the sinister traits that accompany every hidden treasure.

Hope you love Charlotte Olympia’s Pandora almost as much as I have fallen for it…..



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I hear there’s a Zara version that is almost as fancy. I better grab myself one.


Ps: I got a little carried away with my description, I guess that just goes to show the depth of my love for this one

Pps: Abike means ‘Born to be Treasured’ befitting, no?