Women’s Gold

Shea Butter reminds me of cheese. Feta cheese, goat cheese, any kind of block cheese! It smells bad and it looks bad, but the effect it has on the body is nothing short of priceless.

I recently purchased raw, unrefined, pure, organic shea butter (yes, I’m aware all those things mean the same thing lol) and researched its uses and benefits. Here are my top 3 uses for what is often referred to as ‘Women’s Gold‘:

  1. Moisturises and Hydrates: Shea Butter is an intensive moisturiser which allows the skin to absorb moisture from the air. It eliminates dry, chapped or cracked skin and consequently works wonders as lip balm and on cracked heels.
  2. Hair treatment: Unrefined shea butter is amazing for treating the hair. It should be applied to the hair and scalp the night before shampooing in order to get silky soft hair and improve hair growth.
  3. Shaving: Shea butter should be applied before shaving. This is because it conditions the skin improving results and reducing bumps. I guess we could say shea butter is as much men’s gold as it is women’s. Lol.

If you know of any more uses of shea butter, do let me know.


Ps: Erm…. wow. No Ps’s today! Lol!