The Spider King’s Daughter

Perhaps my chosen title is a tad misleading, who knows? Nevertheless, permit me to make as vague an interpretation as I can, linking the Number one object of my desire, the Pandora and the title which I have stolen from my friend, Chibundu’s book: The Spider King’s Daughter.

If you know anything at all about The Spider King’s Daughter, you will understand as I explain that just like Abike, the Pandora is a precious possession confined by lonely high walls. Her delicate being is entrapped in safety of a protective fortress, however with secrets untold and a life yet to be uncovered, the Pandora bears all the hints of the sinister traits that accompany every hidden treasure.

Hope you love Charlotte Olympia’s Pandora almost as much as I have fallen for it…..



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I hear there’s a Zara version that is almost as fancy. I better grab myself one.


Ps: I got a little carried away with my description, I guess that just goes to show the depth of my love for this one

Pps: Abike means ‘Born to be Treasured’ befitting, no?