House 38

There’s something about fashion that makes my pupils dilate, I get these involuntary spasms and a bit of a twitch before my body manages some form of composure…. Well Saturday evening was no different.

Accompanied by Taiwo, I hunted down the store I’d been hearing about all over Twitter, House 38, and upon arrival at their opening week sales, we were welcomed by Sinmi, a co-owner of the label. She made us feel very much at home as we were fixated by the exquisite beading incorporated in their pieces. I was half way through the burst of colour when Damola, the second half of the brand, came out to greet us. Not only were the owners themselves an absolute pleasure to meet, but the effortless chic transcended in each impeccable piece was a rarity in modern day fashion. There was a piece for every occasion and I was thrilled to have found my Lagos shopping spot.

Here’s how my interview with House 38 went:

1. House 38 is an interesting name choice. What brought you to it?

We went through the process of trying to find a name that said something about both of us, that we both loved. The conversation went back & forth, until we decided on House 38 – which is the house we grew up in.

2. What do you hope your pieces say when others wear them and in a sense represent you?

We tend to design our clothes to showcase our love of timeless and classic style. So, in a sense, our pieces should not be seen as trendy but as clothes that would stand the test of time.

3. What’s the one accessory that would go with any House 38 outfit?

A pair of black pumps.

4. How would you describe Lagos fashion?

An amalgamation of so many influences that just creates this very vibrant scene. The best thing about Lagos fashion is that there are some people that follow trends, but at the same time there’s a class of people that you see on a daily basis that are not afraid to step outside of the norm. They are not afraid to experiment with color, texture, and fashion in general. So as designers, Lagos fashion is very inspiring because it creates this fearlessness, as you would sense that there’s someone out there who understands your vision.

5. I’m a fan of all things Harry Potter so I have to ask: If you stood in front of a boggart, what would be your biggest fashion faux pas?

[S says I LOVE YOU!!!] Unfortunately, D doesn’t watch or know anything about Harry Potter.]

S: Gosh! It’ll have to be this pink denim with a rainbow wash on it, and sequins.

Sinmi and Damola

Thank you so much for your time D&S. It was awesome meeting you both and I wish you all the best with House 38.

To find out more about House 38, visit:

House 38

Ground Floor,

289B Akin Olugbade,

Off Adeola Odeku,

Victoria Island

Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234 (0) 8136617794

+234 (0) 7084053388

Twitter: @House_38


Ps: I’m currently interning at House of Marie and I can’t wait to blog about my experience.