Kinky Curly Coily?

Hola Bonitas!

It’s the weekend and yet I find that I’m caught in a bit of an awkward stint. The thing is, I haven’t quite latched on to the ‘Friday Feeling’ nevertheless, work mode appears to have evaded me.  I’m hanging in limbo…. a transit… some kind of portage perhaps, who knows. In spite of this predicament, I have decided to return to my former love, the art of Blogging. Here we go…..

Recently, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with my natural kinks, curls well… more like coils (call it what you will) and I’ve been taking pictures non-stop in order to document my numerous experimental looks. For a change, I had the ‘fro out for 2 whole weeks (can you believe it?) and I loved every second of it. The sponge like texture is one of those things I’ll never get over and the underlying length restrained in the elasticity is an awe that will always leave me gobsmacked.

The last weekend that I had the ‘fro out, I headed to Gentle Touch for their natural goodness and as usual, I left a happy customer. Below are pictures hope you like…..






Ps: This post was meant to go up yesterday hence the references to Friday.

Pps: I have a Diesel Launch party to attend today 🙂