Celine Marant

Every now and then, there’s a fad that everyone seems to cling to. It lasts but for a moment before we then move on to the next craze with the old bearly a memory of what used to be.

Recently, Wura (yet another one of my sisters) drew my attention to these Isabelle Marant wedged sneakers and this Celine Phantom handbag. We’ve spotted them on 9/10 notable fashion blogs and as a result, they are worthy of mentioning. I’m not the slightest bit a fan of sneakers but if Beyonce could feature these on the very much adored ‘Love on Top’ video, it’s jolly well good enough to mention. The Celine bag however is one that is very much after my heart (and pocket) and just because it’s CELINE it’s ruddy well perfect for my blog!

What are your thoughts on these?


Ps: I take no credit for the pictures above, they were taken off of the internet, but once you click on them, you should be redirected to the appropriate pages.