Picture Perfect

Upon receiving my second graduation present I was nothing short of elated. It’s ridiculous, I have wanted an SLR camera forever and I’m ecstatic to have finally received one… Whoop! Whoop!

Being the fashion junkie I am perceived to be, the expectation was that I’d have asked for a designer bag or shoes, however I have never envisioned my first YSL ‘Chyc’ or Victoria Beckham two-tone to be in the form of a present….! God no! I’d prefer my first label to be something I’ve worked for, something I’ve earned, something I’ve paid for myself and for this reason I have decided to dedicate my second ever pay cheque to just that (every Nigerian knows your first pay cheque goes to your family).

Anyway, here is a picture of me taken by my baby ‘Niky’ (Niky is my camera not a real baby). I’m sure you’ll agree that this is where beauty meets the beast! Love it!


Ps Still getting used to the camera so forgive me if the picture is a little amateur.