The Final Graduation

Last week was Wura’s graduation and seeing as she’s the youngest (and yet the tallest) of the bunch, it was definitely one of the proudest, most memorable family ceremonies.

Seeing as everyone was kind enough to avoid black for my ceremony, I decided on a cobalt blue skirt and an off-white polyester blouse, accessorized with a pair of my Mum’s shoes( as well as her clutch) and Laitan’s copacabana nail polish by nails inc. No matter how hard I tried though, I couldn’t outshine Wura in her cap and gown….. she looked simply beautiful.


Ps:It was such a special occassion, that Rosie (my scarf) made a comeback. If you follow my other blog on TaDeRa, you’ll know what I’m on about.

PPs: Just got back from Costa Brava and I can’t wait to upload a blog about my favourite new blazer 🙂

Graduation Day

It’s official, we’re unemployed!

Thursday was Taiwo and I’s graduation and as we stepped up to receive our respective handshakes from the Aston uni chancellor, we were greeted by some of the loudest cheers our family could belt out. It was the most amazing feeling ever and unarguably the best day of my life thus far.

Here are pictures of the special day. Notice my spider brooch cleverly holding my hood down…. genius! Lol!

Whilst Gbonju (peach and blue), Laitan (green and white) and Mummy opted for this season’s colour blocking, Wura decided to go for what I’d describe as a nude wash…. Don’t they look stunning!

Special shout out to the family… No one wore black!!!!! LOVE it!


Ps: Taiwo and I were obliged to wear black and white. It was not a thing of choice.

PPs: For those of you that don’t know, Taiwo’s my twin sister.