MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week II

I love Grey. All three designers stole my heart last year at this very event. The perfection of their woven pieces was a clear winner encompassing clean structures and femininity. This year however, I must say I was a little let down. Individually, each piece was spectacular as usual, but as a collection I found it less cohesive. I’m no designer and neither am I a stylist so perhaps I’m way out of my bounds, but I felt that although the mens collection was stronger, the ladies collection just needed a bit more of a link, be it with the sheer fabrics, with the meticulous cuts or even with the colour scheme. Below are pictures from their S/S 2013 collection followed by more pictures backstage.

Temi Doll Face closing for Grey

Omer Asim

Bridget Awosika. Flawless pieces as usual.



Ps: Still got even more pictures. Not sure if I can be bothered to upload them now though.

Grey Summer Sales

Hello everyone, look out for the Grey summer sales next weekend. With 20-70% off Grey pieces on the 25th and 26th of August. Shoppers will also have the opportunity to shop for leather goods, shoes, jewellery, baked goods and treats!

Date: 25th & 26th August, 2012

Time: 12 – 6pm (both days)

Venue: White Space, 52 Raymond Njoku, off Awolowo Road,

Twitter: @greyprojects

See you there!



Day 3: LFDW

Without a doubt, the Day 3 schedule at LFDW was my best yet! Grey and Jewel By Lisa were showing and their collections were fantastic. JBL was sweet enough to let me take backstage photos of her collection and best believe when her run through was in progress, everyone and everything else was brought to a standstill. Contrary to what was expected of a top designer, she came off as really lovely and her collection was even more spectacular in reality that it appears in pictures (if that’s even possible). The pieces were heavily beaded and intricate with blocks of black separating the fireworks of colours. They worked wonders on the eye and it was obvious they were worth every penny charged.

I didn’t see much of the Grey collection pre-runway; however I caught the entire collection in the evening and my God was it outstanding! Their complete collection was very rich, extremely simple and gracefully feminine. It was right up my alley with every piece bringing my heart to a satisfying beam. Courtesy of my new friend Adeola, I was introduced to Obi, one of the Grey designers, and then caught up with him after the show. He was refreshingly well mannered and even agreed to take a picture with me.

Jewel By Lisa used almost all the models. Quick changes were crazy!!!

House of Tara did all the makeup. They are amazing artists!

The Grey Show

One of the guests at the show
Day 3 was so hectic, I had to call Wura (far right) to help out. Ohh and Daniella (2nd from the left) was in town 😀

We found Iyun (far right)

IamISIGO designer. Loved her outfit…. and that nail polish, *sigh* Love!

Grey designer, Obi and I.

From here on, I take no credit for the pictures.

This was my favourite Grey outfit…. Amazing! The tailoring was very well executed I’m almost tempted to call it ‘craftsmanship’… Totally awesome! The model appeared to be walking funny, however it was due to no fault of hers. There was a wardrobe malfunction backstage and she held it together very well. Great job!

My favourite Jewel By Lisa outfit.xXx

Ps: I’m ill 😦

Pps: Call up letter’s out tomorrow. Eeek!!!

Day 2: LFDW

Day 2 was off to a good start. Once again I showed up on time and began assisting Ify from Kiki Kamanu as she was getting the fitting sorted for their show on the Saturday. Kiki herself showed up later in the day and seemed to have taken a liking for me. I even assisted her with styling one of her models and if you know what I’m like (but more importantly what Kiki’s like) you’ll appreciate that this was a big deal for me!

Typically Nigerian, designers showed up around 5:00pm- when the show was due to start- and once again the show was delayed for roughly two and a half hours but what did we all expect right?

Maki Oh and Sunny Rose were featuring on the runway for Day 2 and I have to admit they were my favourites of the night.

Model run through.

Adeola in Grey. Me in Gap.

Adeola in Grey

As the press arrived

Before the show started I bumped into an old friend from secondary school, Shamo! She was working with Sunny Rose.


I do not take credit for the following pictures. Here are my favourites from Maki Oh!

There’s something about the minimalist shoes that I love! And they go so well with the minimalist outfit too!

Once again I take no credit for these pictures, but here are my favourites from Sunny Rose.


Ps: Can you believe that while the show was on, some random girl came over to the DJ’s plug (she had been charging her phone there) and pulled out her phone charger along with entire sound in the hall. I was in shock. My jaw was on the floor.