Costa Brava: Orange Blazer

I spent last weekend getting drunk on sunshine and high on the wild atmosphere of the coastal region of Costa Brava. Everyone was so friendly and the weather was simply beautiful, I didn’t want to leave.

Dinner on Thursday night was spent at a restaurant called ‘Latino’ and at the sight of my orange blazer teamed with leather shorts, the waitress asked if I was a fashion blogger. I was so pleased that my dress sense gave away a bit of my personality and that was the moment I decided I’d upload a blog on this outfit. So shout out to the waitress at Latino, the reason behind this post.


Ps: Spanish Vocabulary:

¿Cómo estás?: How are you
Sí: Yes
la cuenta: The bill
¡Gracias! (pronounced Grathias): Thank you
Está bien: That’s fine
PPs: Now I can’t wait to blog about my Italian Vogue from Spain. Lol.