New Year, New You?

I’ve always thought of that phrase as cliche… “New Year New You”! I refuse/d to believe there could/can be a new you every. single. year. But then upon discussion with a friend, I came to realize that there’s no need to knock anyone’s spirit. If the start of a new year signifies another attempt at being a better person, by all means spread your wings and fly!

On that note Happy New Year Everyone! This year, I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon and get aligned some new year’s resolutions. Aside from the usual career aspirations, I’ve decided to try and live a little healthier. The aim is to look better, feel better and live better. This year, I’m working on my B.M.S- Body, Mind and Spirit.

Body–  I’m a lazy person if not intellectually, then at least physically. My idea of a good workout is heels on a Monday morning (gotta work those pins) and laughter on a Friday evening (so necessary for my abs). But it’s 2014 and so I’ve taken up tennis. So far I’ve been playing every other week and it must be said that I am a legend in the making. LOL.

I’ve also decided to work a little bit harder on my skin (my face in particular) and so I’m making it a habit to wash my face every evening and exfoliate or use a mask once a week. Slow but steady progress I say.


Mind– I believe in the power of positive thinking, I believe in self-development and I’m working on self-discipline. It’s all self explanatory really, but I’m going to start with the little things. Setting my alarm for 6:30 and actually getting up at 6:30 as opposed to 7:00 is an excellent start.

I also recently downloaded Lumosity and I’m loving it. It works on my brain performance particularly speed, memory and attention and it takes up little to no time every day.


Spirit– This year, the dream is to pray more, meditate on the word more and walk in faith. Heaven is the goal after all and so I will be dedicating some minutes to God everyday. Baby steps will eventually translate to a leap of faith!


What are your resolutions this year?


P.S I had shellac nails done yesterday for the first time ever. I’m in Love!!! Perhaps I’ll add a little bit of pampering to my New Year’s Resolutions 🙂

Thinking Inside the Box

There was once a time I was sure I’d be an interior designer. I’d map out different colours of painting the same room and different ways to furnish the same space. It’s therefore no surprise that when I received this pistachio green gift box, I immediately remembered my fictitious days. As I unraveled the knot to inspect how the tiny room had been utilized, I discovered a faultless array of a few of my favourite sweets amongst other things which I refuse to disclose lol.

Seeing as this is my first post in the New Year, I’ve decided that I’ll furnish my space with renewed hope, paint my walls with a fresh coat of dreams and enhance my ambiance with new possibilities. Just like my pistachio green box, my 2012 will be spent turning my space into a fully effective setting.

In the mean time, here are pictures of my pistachio green gift box set…

I know it’s late nonetheless, Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!


Ps: We have a tradition of sending each other random Christmas gifts of no use under £10. He diverted from the plan a little, but won regardless. So I guess it’s 6-4 to him. Major slacking on my part 😦

Pps: My posts are becoming more personal… not sure how I feel about this. Lol