MTN Lagos Fashion Design Week III

Last year, Bridget Awosika’s pristine collection was my favourite of the night and this year was no different. It’s official, she and Jewel By Lisa are my favourite Nigerian high end designers and for this reason, I have combined both their collections in this blog post.

Bridget Awosika’s collection enveloped the stereotypical woman: Graceful with a hint of drama; Angelic with a slight complication; Beautiful nevertheless feisty! Her colour palette remained basic, allowing you to focus entirely on the architectural extravagance of each piece, it was breathtaking.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of JBL on the runway, nevertheless, we got a few shots of the stunning pieces backstage. Feast your eyes the below pieces……


Ps: Jewel By Lisa’s collection ended with Rihanna’s diamonds.. ‘appropriate’ I hear you say considering the highly blinged collection.

Pps: Did I just use the word ‘blinged’? I cringe!!! Lol.

Grey Summer Sales

Hello everyone, look out for the Grey summer sales next weekend. With 20-70% off Grey pieces on the 25th and 26th of August. Shoppers will also have the opportunity to shop for leather goods, shoes, jewellery, baked goods and treats!

Date: 25th & 26th August, 2012

Time: 12 – 6pm (both days)

Venue: White Space, 52 Raymond Njoku, off Awolowo Road,

Twitter: @greyprojects

See you there!



Funlayo Deri: Into The Contrast

Funlayo Deri’s ‘into the contrast’ is unquestionably one of my favourite collections this season. My preppy state of mind is very much aligned with her well constructed structures and the dream-like flows in a number of her modishly beautiful pieces hint at a level of grace I’ve only ever dreamed of. Each strip of material is delicately assembled in line with the art of architecture. Here’s the press release on the wisely themed ‘into the contrast’:

“Inspiration for the Funlayo Deri Spring/Summer 2012 collection comes from contemporary architectural structures. Elements of rigid, edgy structures were combined, then transformed to softer, fluid lines and placed in ways which complement the female form. The juxtaposition of different silhouettes, structures, fabrics and textures was used to enhance the clarity of each design.”

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection:

For more information see:


Twitter: @FunlayoDeri



Ps: This was sent to me ages ago, however my lack of organisation has been an obstacle in my progress. I shall address that promply.

Picture Perfect

Upon receiving my second graduation present I was nothing short of elated. It’s ridiculous, I have wanted an SLR camera forever and I’m ecstatic to have finally received one… Whoop! Whoop!

Being the fashion junkie I am perceived to be, the expectation was that I’d have asked for a designer bag or shoes, however I have never envisioned my first YSL ‘Chyc’ or Victoria Beckham two-tone to be in the form of a present….! God no! I’d prefer my first label to be something I’ve worked for, something I’ve earned, something I’ve paid for myself and for this reason I have decided to dedicate my second ever pay cheque to just that (every Nigerian knows your first pay cheque goes to your family).

Anyway, here is a picture of me taken by my baby ‘Niky’ (Niky is my camera not a real baby). I’m sure you’ll agree that this is where beauty meets the beast! Love it!


Ps Still getting used to the camera so forgive me if the picture is a little amateur.