Day 4: LFDW

Day 4 was by far the most tasking. I experienced simultaneous feelings of pressure, excitement and rage!!!! I was thrown orders from a hundred different angles and was even sworn at because of a slight hiccup in the flow of the show. Behind the scenes was nothing short of mental and consequently, the entire show ended on a bitter sweet note.

Bridget Awosika was showing on the Saturday and her immaculate collection was was a breath of fresh air! Each piece was a pristine white with delicate criss cross stitches running through the fabrics. Like Jewel By Lisa, she was perfectly happy with me snapping away backstage and so I did. Her collection was an exquisite modern day tale of a dainty goddess and I was captivated by her choice of fabrics and particularly the nature of her two piece ensembles. Without a doubt, this was my favourite of the night.

Anita Quansah’s presentation was fascinating. She had her models break dance as the lights flashed and even had a model come out in a white cloth before revealing her final piece. It told of a story of a bejewelled woman amidst a forest of expensive adornments each one of course to the desire of my jewellery box. Definitely the most innovative show of the 4 days.

Here are pictures of the final day at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week…

Chic minimalism from Bridget Awosika

Isn’t that just precious?

Makida during the fittings for Bridget Awosika

The Saturday show was packed!!!!! I take no credit for the above picture. Bridget and Chika.

Anita Quansah

The final model for Anita Quansah came out wrapped in a white cloth…

The model then dropped the white cloth revealing this daring piece. It drove the photographers crazy!!! It was fantastic! By the way, I take no credit for the above picture.Odio Mimonet

Chika (Elite model) and I

Darrell (wearing a hat), Michael, Jenny (on the phone), Michael (green shirt), Andie (black lace top) and me! In short, me and Andie with the Blow PR team!


Ps: I really ought to learn how to edit my photos. Lol