The Big Chop: Ours By Juliada

Over the Easter break, I unraveled my unsightly month old twists and decided I’d give my ‘fro a break. It’s been tied up constantly since I arrived in Lagos last August and I figured it was time to give it a bit of a rest.

I usually co-wash my hair as I hear it’s good for afros, but it’s been so long since I gave it what I’d deem a good wash and so I purchased Organic Shampoo from Ours By Juliada. Not only is this shampoo 100% natural (just like my hair) but it lacks sulphate which is considered harsh for the hair and said to cause skin irritation. Ours By Juliada’s Organic shampoo although really liquidy and apparently light, lathered very well and left my hair without a trace of dandruff which was excellent. Now the packaging was not quite my viewing pleasure, I’m sure you’ll agree, but the product itself was definitely a winner and I just might be purchasing it again.

In the mean time here’s a lame attempt at a Mohawk with my 4 inch (or less) afro, in phase two of my natural journey. In case you’re wondering, phase one was the transition, lol.

Don’t take my silly poses seriously. I mess around a lot.


Ps: I’ve got Neriah Naturals Deep Conditioner and Ours by Juliada Shampoo next up to find another brand for hairspray. And they say you can’t get any products in Nigeria! HA!

Le Petit Marché

Last Sunday marked my first experience of the infamous ‘Le Petit Marché‘ (LPM). Like the name implies, LPM is ‘a small market’; and based in Lagos, it serves as a platform for promoting and building the ever-growing Nigerian fashion industry.

As a self-proclaimed fashion aficionado, I deemed it necessary to step into this fashion dimension and draw up a personal conclusion of the atmosphere, the location and most importantly, the vendors.

Upon arrival at the GET arena I was overwhelmed by the turn out. I must have arrived smack bang in the middle of peak period because it was packed!!! The ambiance was absolutely amazing and had me immediately delving through the racks of Akpos Okudu. The jaw-dropping craftsmanship at Raindrops on Roses (R n R) was breathtaking with the presentation signifying a stamp of good quality. House Of Marie was also present displaying a collection of ankara inspired blouses; and a royal blue Virtue (by Dipo Abiola) blazer sitting on a mannequin was just the sight for sore eyes.

This October, LPM are handing over the reins of the Marché to you (well us) all you need do, is send your idea or what you’d like to see to: I hear there’s even a prize to be won 😉

In the mean time, here are pictures from September’s LPM…

Akpos Okudu

House Of Marie

Oremi Crafts

Virtue by Dipo Abiola

CamCam SweetsOurs By Juliada

Raindrops on Roses (R n R)


Ps: I forgot my camera at home that Sunday so all pictures are courtesy of Taiwo’s phone 🙂

Pps: Kanye West at Paris fashion week is on right now. I’m eager to see what he had to offer.