Ladies…Frrrrost Yourselves!

I think I’m a little late to the party.

I missed the Oscars. Not intentionally….. not unintentionally either. My interests snoozed comfortably round the spectrum of indifference. I’m not bummed about missing it, like I said, I’m just “a little late to the party”. And not late in the cool, “fashionably late” kinda way…. the Nigerian kinda late when you miss the whole damn thing… and then some!

At some point over the past week, Sky News showed their typical 30 second or so entertainment news highlight/s and I came across Lady GaGa’s Oscars outfit. I haven’t had an “OH MY GOD!” moment in a long time, particularly concerning the red carpet, but this…..! This was definitely one!

The Dress

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Black dresses are always a classic but the contrast against The GaGa’s [monotone] pale skin and bleached blonde hair was ordained by the fashion gods. The exaggerated hips were an instant reflection of McQueen’s quirkiness and the pleated skirt that expanded to floor length was breath taking, but the opera gloves and Tiffany’s necklace screamed classic Hepburn from about a mile and a half off. We all know nothing screams classy like Audrey.

Now that we’ve got that dress out of the way, let’s take a minute to appreciate that necklace shall we?

The Necklace

Taiwo and I (and secretly Wura) are forever fans of How to Lose a Guy in 10days. It’s like… our go to movie. We’ve reached the point at which we recite the lines! So as much as I did/do appreciate the Alexander McQ dress, the real game changer was in fact that US$30mn Tiffany’s gem that had Wura pretty much scream (via whatsapp of course) “She’s wearing the Isadora!” LOL! That’s right, the Tiffany’s necklace had me 99.99% convinced GaGa was wearing the Harry Winston Isadora! (You can’t say/write that name without the exclamation mark. It would be criminal.)

The rock sized canary yellow gem, supported by “miniature” white gems delicately laid between both of Lady GaGa’s  collar bones and had my jaw on the floor for the best part of the next 5 mins. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rock that big, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rock that worthy! It was breathtaking, spectacular, literally jaw dropping. It just dazzles!

Image result for lady gaga necklace 2019 oscars
Source: Tatler

Hair & Makeup

You don’t wear a necklace like that then decide to show off beach waves or silky straight hair do you? It’s got to be an up do… you know… to show off the master piece. Oh and as for the make up, gotta keep it natural looking and simple. The Oscars is no carnival!

Since I saw the Gaga’s outfit, I haven’t bothered googling any other star’s outfit. It would be unjust!

Ladies, frost yourselves.


This is the part where I usually ask who/what was your favourite look of the night, but today, I won’t even lie, I’m not interested. LOL


Ps: I’ve been lusting over a yellow dress very much like Andie Anderson’s on How to Lose a guy. But the price… my goodness the price!

PPs: Why was Andie carrying that horrible bag?

PPPs: I’ve always been a fan of Harry Winston. When I lived in a bubble I often fantasized that bae would propose with a Harry Winston… *sigh*

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

Last Sunday night was the 63rd Primetime Emmy awards and despite my ill health, Taiwo deemed it necessary to wake me. For this reason alone, I will be eternally indebted to her lol.

Incase you were unaware, the Emmy’s red carpet is my all-time favourite red carpet beating the VMA’s, the Oscars and the Grammy’s!!! I’m not sure whether it’s E!’s incredible 360 degree camera or their ingenious stiletto camera that quite serves as the icing on the cake, but the Emmy’s just do it for me (whatever ‘it’ might be).

This year welcomed a lot more reds than I was used to on any red carpet and although myself, I’d have been sceptical about the blend, it appeared to work quite the treat last Sunday night. The likes of Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev looked stunning in a floor length Donna Karen dress with an origami finish; Glee’s Lea Michele was ever the poser in a low draped back, rosette sleeved Marchesa dress; and Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara was dressed in a coral one shoulder chiffon Vera Wang dress.

Heidi Klum was looking every inch the supermodel in her Christian Siriano custom made dress, proving that with a little silk tulle, a bit of vintage lace and a splash of organza, a dress can be transformed into art.

Finally, Evan Rachel Wood depicted sex appeal in her Elie Saab couture dress proving that sexy needn’t be slutty. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and minimal accessories, after all, the dress did do most of the talking. Here are my favourite looks from the Emmy’s 2011……..







Ps: I tried blogging using wordpress’s app today so forgive me for not referencing my sources and please forgive the different sizes of the images, I’m yet to master how to effectively use this app. Until next time……