Schon Afrique: The Royal Collection

Last November, I was invited to the Majin fashion show featuring not only ‘The Royal Collection’ by Folake Majin, but also ‘The Breathless Expression Collection’ by Miss Majin and ‘The Circle Revolution Collection’ by GM4FM (Gogo Majin for Folake Majin).

As expected, the invitations were that which summoned queens and the location was the prestigious Civic Centre notifying us of the glamour surrounding this event.

Upon revealing each collection, we could see that the Majin’s had something in common, a dignified, gracious style very well suited to their target market.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from the collection….

Praize performing at the show

Tiwa Savage looking stunning in House 38

Shame I couldn’t stay to the end 😦


Ps: This morning even my mother agreed that I was a major slacker seeing as I was just uploading this post 😦

Pps: My mum won a BlackBerry Playbook at the show, however, she left early and so wasn’t there to claim her prize *Rme*