Picture Perfect

Upon receiving my second graduation present I was nothing short of elated. It’s ridiculous, I have wanted an SLR camera forever and I’m ecstatic to have finally received one… Whoop! Whoop!

Being the fashion junkie I am perceived to be, the expectation was that I’d have asked for a designer bag or shoes, however I have never envisioned my first YSL ‘Chyc’ or Victoria Beckham two-tone to be in the form of a present….! God no! I’d prefer my first label to be something I’ve worked for, something I’ve earned, something I’ve paid for myself and for this reason I have decided to dedicate my second ever pay cheque to just that (every Nigerian knows your first pay cheque goes to your family).

Anyway, here is a picture of me taken by my baby ‘Niky’ (Niky is my camera not a real baby). I’m sure you’ll agree that this is where beauty meets the beast! Love it!


Ps Still getting used to the camera so forgive me if the picture is a little amateur.

Uniqlo Save Japan Tees

Uniqlo and the Condé Nast Group came together to create a limited edition collection of ‘Save Japan’ T-shirts. These T-shirts are in aid of the parts of the country that were affected by the earthquake and the whole idea is for the profits to be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Being the Uniqlo fan that she is, on hearing about these charity Tees, Taiwo (TaDeRa, @SportMillionsMe) bought two: Charlize Theron and Alber Elbaz and I got one: Nicole Kidman. Here are the pictures from our Saturday afternoon photo shoot.

Back of Taiwo’s Tee signed by Charlize Theron.

Back of my Tee signed by Nicole Kidman

Taiwo’s: Charlize Theron: It Is In The Most Difficult Moments That We Can Show Our Bravest Self.

Mine: Nicole Kidman: Support Japan. Give A Hand to Japan.

Taiwo’s: Alber Elbaz: With All My Heart To Japan


Ps: Those that know me will be surprised I didn’t get the Victoria Beckham one. I guess it was too simple for me, and yes I know ‘simplicity is the ultimate elegance’ but there’s no harm in change. Besides, who says I’m not still going to buy it 😉

Pps: You’ll notice our graduation tickets are tucked in between some of the pictures. I’m uber excited. Still trying to sort out my outfit so until then….